Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Twenty Pounds...15 week update

It's official. I've lost 20 pounds in the last 15 or so weeks, roughly since Christmas.  I'm sorry to get SO personal, but I'm very excited.  I don't regularly exercise if you don't count running up and down the stairs all day long.  I'm aware that I should probably get some kind of exercise regime in but I'm not sure where to fit it in.  Once we are done with our school year and pool opens in mid June then I'll be all set. I love to swim.

Between schooling the boys and all of their sports, life is busy. (And house keeping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, working Per Diem as a Nurse, catering here and there...did I mention cooking?)

I'm just not a gym kind of gal. I'll figure it out. 

How'd I do it?  By changing my diet. More specifically, by changing what I eat and when I eat it.
Here's how.

Now I have another problem.  My clothes don't really fit anymore.

From Jiggle to Wiggle,
The Lunch Lady