Saturday, April 2, 2011

The English Cuke

The English Cucumber is so versatile and SO much better than it's baby brother, the regular cucumber. 

I'm not knocking baby brothers.

It's just that it's true.  They taste much better. They aren't seedy like the little guys.

This is what my shopping cart was full of last week.  Fruits, veggies, and yogurt.

Notice. 2 cukes.  Can't just buy one or we have fights in our house.

Yesterday I bought 4 of them.  BJs has the best local prices.

Sometimes I serve them like this.  Just in their unadorned natural state.

Most often they are found in our salad.

Sometimes I cube them up and add some fresh raw red onion and some dressing.

Cucumber Salad.  It's kind of like Zucchini Salad. But cucumbers.  My boys don't heart raw zucchini.

More for me!

I try to serve raw vegetables at dinner time.  Sometimes it's just a cut up bell pepper or some carrot sticks. Sometimes it's a raw vegetable mixture with dressing.

Cucumbers are our favorite.

What's yours?
The Lunch Lady

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